• Dystopian Dreams – A Teacher Learning Case Study

    We were very proud of the partnership we developed with Hume Anglican College this year to create Days of the Last Dolls.

    Four Western Edge Youth Arts artists working in several disciplines: dance, drama, visual art and media art, collaborated with the Hume Anglican teaching staff and year 9s to create an interactive, installation work successfully integrated with many areas of the school curriculum.

    Creative Victoria created this film resource, based on our partnership, for future teacher/artist collaborations. In the film the teachers from Hume Anglican Grammar speak about what they got out of the residency professionally and Dave Kelman from Western Edge Youth Arts talks about his role in supporting that learning.

    “The teachers engaged in two full professional learning days in the project. Not only was it an excellent way for the artists and teachers to meet but it paved the way for discussions on shaping the program to suit the students.”

    -Beverley, teacher, Hume Anglican College.

  • AAWE Collective Expressions of Interest

    Western Edge Youth Arts and Arts-Access Victoria are seeking artists with disability to join the inclusive performing arts group AAWE Collective in 2016.

    Winners of the 2014 MIRA Award for Best Inclusive Art Group, AAWE Collective is a group of diverse artists exploring drama, film, music and visual art to create inclusive performance work since 2013.

    If you know any one that would be interested in joining please get them to contact Nikki Zerella on 03 9699 8299 or regarding our open workshop.

  • Manchester Poor Theatres Project Interview with Piper Huynh

    Piper Huynh sat down with Skye Brennan for her research into Western Edge Youth Arts, part of the Manchester Poor Theatres Project.

    You can view the full video online.

    Piper has been a key performer for Western Edge Youth Arts since she became involved in the three-year Chronicles project in 2010.  A member of the Edge Ensemble and Playback West, Piper also co-founded the AAWE Collective for people who are differently abled or from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Win at #CalibanSt

    This Saturday at Big West Festival Street Party, get your first glimpse of the Edge Ensemble’s newest work, #CalibanSt.
    Following the enormous success of Iago, the Edge Ensemble are embarking on their next major work. Set in the 22nd century, where rising sea levels have created a world of haves and have-nots, they are tackling some of the most pressing concerns of today: climate change and rising social inequality, along with a good helping of comedy, slap-stick, poetry and audience interaction.

    Be a part of the story by posting thoughts and photos on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #CalibanSt for your chance to win.

    The best tweets or instagrams of the day, as judged by the Edge Ensemble, will win a $200 JB Hi-Fi gift card or second prize of a $100 iTunes gift card.

    Two free live street shows
    Start times: 11am and 12 noon
    Saturday 21 November in Chambers St laneway, Footscray

    Image courtesy Star Weekly

  • Movement Makers Forum

    Movement Makers Forum is a sharing of journeys and discussions about the importance and impact of youth arts in our communities. How are we supporting young people, to have opportunities to develop their own creative and cultural identities in the changing face of Australia? Hosted by Ileini and Yaw Faso

    Our very own Phoenix Youth Theatre will be performing.

    There are still a handful of free artist/student/concession holder tickets left.

    Friday 20 November
    9.30am – 4.30pm at Footscray Community Arts Centre 
    Book online 

  • Introducing #CalibanSt

    Watch the waters rise on Instagram and Twitter at #CalibanSt

    We’re super excited to introduce our online interactive and street theatre piece#CalibanSt by the Edge Ensemble. Meet EtiMiranda and more characters from #CalibanSt sending their tweets and instagrams direct to us from the 22nd century where devastating climate change has created a dystopian future of haves and have-nots. Caliban has left his island because it is disappearing under rising sea levels. He has come to Melbourne to search for Miranda, the girl he grew up and with and once loved. Now he searches the streets of the hot city looking for love and meaning.

    #CalibanSt at the Big West Street Party is a twenty-minute interactive street comedy that combines slap-stick, audience interaction, fast and funny poetic dialogue, and strange and complex characters.

    Be a part of the story by posting thoughts and photos online with #CalibanSt.

    Two free live street shows
    Start times: 11am and 12noon
    Saturday 21 Nov in Chambers St laneway, Footscray

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  • AAWE Performance Gala and Art Auction

    AAWE Collective invite you to their performance of Light Up: A Playback Theatre Performance. Have your real life transformed into compelling theatre on the spot.

    Audiences are invited to tell real life stories and performers play those stories back immediately without rehearsal. Winner of the 2014 MIRA Best Inclusive Group Award, AAWE Collective is a group of diverse artists making inclusive art performance since 2013.
    Saturday 7 November 2015,
    7pm at VU at Metro West, 138 Nicholson St Footscray 
    Please RSVP via Nikki Zerella on 03 9699 8299

  • Shakespeare’s Trilogy

    Hamlet, Macbeth and Shylock walk into a bar… and make chaos.

    In this immersive sensory spectacular, some of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters find themselves entangled in a web of 21st century drama. The setting is Duncan’s, a seedy underage nightclub. It’s never a quiet night at Duncan’s, but tonight’s especially wild. Will anyone make it out alive?

    Geelong High School’s Year 10 drama class are joined by artists from Western Edge Youth Arts for this immersive retelling of all the best bits of Shakespeare.

    Date: Thursday 5 November
    Time: 6.00 pm and 7.30pm
    Venue: Shenton Performing Arts Centre, Cnr Garden & Ryrie Streets, East Geelong
    Price: $5 each
    Book Now

  • Iago is Going on the Road!

    We’re thrilled to announce that Iago is going on the road! Thanks to Regional Arts Victoria Iago will tour schools around Victoria next year.

    Iago is a timely and well-crafted response to a complex and pressing social issue that makes young people feel positive about themselves and helps them build respectful relationships. The work is well-researched through consultations with teachers and educators. It is highly responsible in its messaging as well as being engaging, funny and flexible enough to allow young people to respond in a variety of ways without feeling judged. The work successfully explores male issues without stigmatizing or alienating young men and presenting positive models of masculinity.

    This performance is for young people in years 10 -12 and directly addresses the issue of male violence against women and promotes respectful relationships. The performance is based on a contemporary, modern language adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ and is set in a rat-infested boxing gym. The characters in this work are reinvented and embrace the backgrounds of the culturally diverse cast members. Told through physical theatre and fast poetic dialogue, Iago is woven with issues including misogyny, male violence, raunch culture and pornography – it’s an in-yer­face contemporary theatre reworking and was presented at The Coopers Malthouse in 2015 to critical acclaim (see support material).

    “Whilst still identifiably Shakespeare, it is the cast’s work and their interpretation of these complex themes; the characters are translated into their own cultural backgrounds. While being loosely driven by Shakespeare’s narrative, the audience is transported into a contemporary Australian context.” Dr Dave Kelman, WEYA Artistic Director

    Read interview with the artistic director of Western Edge Youth Arts: Dave Kelman

    Content Warning: Iago contains some challenging themes and limited swearing that some might find offensive. Schools are advised to contact Education & Families to discuss any concerns they may have regarding this production.

    April 18 – 29 2016

    Years 10 -12 (VCE)

    50 mins + Q & A
    FEE: Base rate of $1040 +GST for up to 130 students with additional students @ $8 each LESS Eligible Subsidy
    AusVELS Links: The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education,
    Artforms: Drama
    General Capabilities: Critical and Creative thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Intercultural Understanding, Ethical Understanding
    Key Themes:  Respectful relationships, male violence, identity and gender issues


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  • Searching for Winta, Round 2: Bigger and Better!

    Phoenix Youth Theatre is proud to present a new contemporary youth devised production, Searching for Winta.

    This showing of Searching for Winta is the second stage in the creative development of the vibrant new work devised by the Phoenix Youth Theatre.

    Some of us are believers, some are non-believers. One thing’s for sure there have been sightings. Everyone’s searching for something.

    Winta is everything you are looking for.

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    Why do we do it for?

    A forum about socially engaged youth theatre.