Edge of the City, Centre of the Conversation.

Our artistic programs and approach to practice are carving a new creative future for young people borne from the rich cultural tapestry of Melbourne’s west. 

We create safer spaces for young and emerging artists to explore their creativity and lean into their age, background and experience to drive the creative process, rather than limit it. 

Our three key programmatic areas of schools, community and professional development are grounded in decolonial practice and are designed to deliver a supportive, safe and community centered alternative pathway to artistic training and employment. And, along the way, we model to the wider artistic community the immense power and importance of creating opportunities for underrepresented artistic and cultural leaders. 

Our 2024 Programming

EDGE ENSEMBLES | May – September 

Weekly community and skill building sessions & end of program production for 13-30 year-olds. Registrations opening late Jan. 

VUSC RESIDENCY | March – August

In-school weekly program & culminating production 

THE COLLECTIVE | April – December

Weekly ensemble training focused on professional development and industry training. 

BESPOKE WORKSHOPS | February – December  

Individual / suites of workshops designed and delivered by our team for young people from primary to tertiary and beyond. Enquiries for 2025 opening in April.

OPEN STAGE | April, June, August, October

Event announcements shortly for this Future Reset series. Four curators deliver four unique art events celebrating and centralising community and creativity. We kick off at The Annex on April 27 with Open Stage: Muses, curated by Nomad222. You and yours are invited to enjoy the vibes, get inspired and enjoy the best of the West in full swing. Tickets available soon. 

OPEN PAGE | May – November

Our other Future Reset series is an open access writing-specific program that brings skill-sharing, professional mentors, good food and a collaborative, low-pressure environment to community. Brand new, emerging or established writers welcome – come along if you’re eager to learn, refine, share your writing craft. Details and registrations in March.


Our in-school residencies provide students with an opportunity to reengage and connect with their schooling and peers and explore new ways to express themselves through art.

These programs have a significant impact on the students, the schools and the wider community. 

Community Edge Ensembles

CYT is where the magic of Western Edge truly shines. It’s a free 15-week drop-in based program for 16-25 year old’s based in Melbourne’s western suburbs.  

Young artists get the chance to connect with peers and community, explore self-expression, and develop artistic practice with the leadership of professional actors.  

It’s fun, loud, friendly and everyone is welcome, no experience necessary! 

Level Up Professional Development

Level UP aims to meet the growing need and demand for diversity in Australia’s arts industry and is comprised of three levels of training, employment and development.  

Level Up offers a new, innovative way of artistic training that pushes boundaries and challenges old ways of thinking, to help young artists develop sustainable artistic and leadership careers.