Schools Programs

Since 2005, Western Edge has delivered short- and long-form school programs that support Victorian students in creating original, transformative performances. Emphasising social connection and safety, our sessions build student engagement and learning outcomes, and often represent students’ first theatre-making experience.

Our Schools programs are based in research-based arts pedagogy, combining artistic excellence with deep learning. Our sessions are led by a team of Lead and Support Artists who reflect the school community and specialise in creating culturally safe learning spaces.

Before the production I didn’t enjoy school but ever since I’ve loved school and just have been more social in general.

In-School Program Participant

Short Programs

We run curriculum-based short programs that give students the opportunity to engage with text or creative practice through collaborative performance and devising. 

Our current In-Syllabus workshops include:

  • Othello
  • Romeo & Juliet Much Ado
  • About Nothing
  • Macbeth 

Our Drama workshops include:

  • There’s No “I” in Impro
  • Create and Connect

Curriculum-Based Workshops

Meeting core learning outcomes is central to our short programs. We work closely with teachers to adjust content to meet specific subject and unit needs. We also work with each school team to ensure the workshop is accessible and culturally responsive for all students. 

In these workshops, students will watch some of Melbourne’s most exciting actors deliver key scenes, and then work with the actors to adapt the scenes into contemporary settings and speech, reflecting the universal themes of the play through the lens of their own lived experience. These workshops will help expand students’ understanding of the themes and characters, and prove that Drama and Shakespeare can be for everyone.

In-School Residencies

As part of our In-School Residencies, students work with experienced industry artists and a professional production crew over a period of 15 to 20 weeks to co-design and create a large-scale performance outcome.  

In-School Residencies help deliver learning outcomes in English, The Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Ethical and Intercultural Capabilities, build students’ confidence, increase student attendance and engagement, foster pride within the school community, improve student wellbeing and model possibilities and pathways.

In-School Residencies

In-School Residencies

Our In-School Residencies are delivered in partnership with local councils and funders on a community needs basis. If you would like to learn more about how to get involved, please contact us or explore our fee-for-service short programs for schools. 

Western Edge’s Schools program is supported by the Department of Education