Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to attend? 
Not at all, Edge Ensembles is open to all levels of experience including none.


Do I need to act? Do I need to know what kind of art I want to make or what role I want to play? 

You don’t need to, you can explore roles along the way! 

Perhaps you wouldn’t like to perform but are interested in sound design or making costumes or being backstage. Maybe you want to attend weekly workshops to meet new people and have a good time but don’t want to be in the final production. All of that is a-okay and welcome. Come along and participate however you’d like! 

This program is designed for you to experiment and play. We invite you to test and try out different skills and see what floats your boat.  


Do I have to register online before I attend in person?  

We encourage you to register online before attending, so our team can best prepare to meet you. This includes getting to know any access needs you may have.  

However, you are welcome to walk in on the day and register when you arrive 


Do I fill in the registration or does my guardian/parent? 

You can fill out most of the registration yourself, but we do ask for guardian/parental consent if you are under 18. There is a tick box for your guardian/parent to give their consent.


Do I have to attend every weekly session to be part of the program? 

No, you can still participate in the program without having to attend every single workshop. Come join us for a few sessions and see how you like it. 

If you like it, attend when possible and be as engaged as you choose to be. If you want to be in the show, attending as much as possible supports the Ensemble (your team). 

We’d love to see you every week but understand that life happens.  


Which Edge should I attend? Do I need to attend all locations? 

This program is split up by age. If you are over 18, you can attend Footscray Edge, happening every Tuesday at Phoenix Youth Centre.  If you are under 18, you can choose between Wednesday’s Wyndham Edge at the Old Shire Office or Thursday’s St Albans Edge at the St Albans Community Centre.   

You do not need to attend all the locations for your age group, though you are welcome to. You can pick the location that suits you best. 

I am 17, but turning 18 in 2024. Which Edge should I attend?
It is up to you which Edge you’d like to attend, but we do recommend that you join Footscray Edge, for 18-30 year olds. Please reach out to us at programs@westernedge.org.au if you have any concerns.


What if I just found out about this program and it is already running? Can I still join?  

You are welcome to join at any point of the program before the final two weeks, when we move into our production period.


Can I participate in the program without performing in the show at the end? 

You sure can! There are plenty of ways to be involved outside of performing, including being part of the crowd. 


Does my English need to be good to attend? 

Come as you are! We welcome you to be creative in any language you are comfortable in. 


Can I participate with my friend/s, sibling/s or relative/s? 

Yes, bring them along if they are in the same age group.

If there’s anything we can do to make you feel more safe and comfortable, let us know! Contact us via programs@westernedge.org.au or (03) 8658 4052.


I’d like to talk about child and young person safety, who can I talk to? 

Contact us at programs@westernedge.org.au or (03) 86584052. Click here for more information about our Child and Young Person Safety Policy.


I’m confused, who can I talk to? 

Contact us at programs@westernedge.org.au or (03) 86584052.

In 2024, Edge Ensembles is running from 30 April to 14 September, starting with weekly sessions before moving into our final two production weeks. For more information, click here for details about the program this year. Registrations are open now – sign up online before attending, or in-person when you arrive at the session.

Edge Ensembles are supported by:

Brimbank City Council, Creative Brimbank and The Bowery Theatre, Maribyrnong City Council, Wyndham City Council, Newsboys Foundation, Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation, Creative Victoria and Creative Australia