Edge Ensembles present: Distortion

A renaissance prince, an influencer and a magical amulet walk into a bar. In 2030. What could go wrong? Edge Ensembles from St Albans, Werribee and Footscray come together to bend time and space through a game of multi-dimensional tag. Journey with them through the centuries as they break curses, search for love and attempt to change their fates. Turns out time is a dangerous thing and everything has an expiration date…

Each year, as part of our Community Edge Ensembles program, Western Edge works with young people and artists across Melbourne’s West to create an original Australian work to be performed at Wyndham Cultural Centre, Footscray Community Arts and The Bowery Theatre. The performance outcome is a chance for community members and wider audiences to witness the ideas, concerns and visions of the next generation of artistic and cultural leaders. This year, the ensemble presents DISTORTION, a time-tripping, genre-bending subversive hot take on everything from rituals, curses, mythology, historical breakthroughs and all the little moments that have occurred in between the Big Bang and TikTok. Touring across Wyndham, St Albans and Footscray from 3 to 17 September.


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Wyndham Cultural Centre

7pm – 8:30pm, 3 September

Footscray Community Arts

7pm – 8:30pm, 10 September

The Bowery Theatre

7pm – 8:30pm, 17 September