Youth Leadership

Western Edge works with a diverse, expert team of highly experienced community artists with whom we have established long term professional relationships. We also work with many young people in their late teens and early twenties, most of whom are from CaLD backgrounds and previous participants in our programs, who are interested in establishing themselves as community artists. Western Edge has a long-term commitment to these young people and supports them in a number of ways: through the provision of mentored work opportunities alongside experienced artists; through project-based training; and through the provision of support and encouragement to pursue higher education.

Along with essential training and employment pathways for young artists who might otherwise never get the chance, we also take seriously the role of developing young people into artistic leaders in their communities.

Young emerging artists are mentored by experienced professional artists as peer facilitators who assist with workshops in schools and in the community. Some of these people may also be employed as assistant writers, directors, sound and film artists depending on their skills and passions.

Past participants have gone on to forge their own careers as artists and practitioners, including Chi Vu (writer) and Cuong Nguyen (leading community artist).

See the Flemington Story for an example of this journey in practice.