Up Next Masterclass

Up Next Masterclasses are part of WEYA’s professional development program, providing free and open-access spaces for artists in Melbourne’s west to come together to sharpen their skills and strengthen their networks, ready to take the next step in their professional practice.  

Each year, we run a series of ten masterclasses delivered by some of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring artists. In 2021, our masterclasses are all about knowing your worth. You’ll have the opportunity to explore ways to tell your own stories safely, navigating intimacy on screen and stage, developing a wellbeing practice, cultural safety in creative settingshow to conceive, plan and pitch your project in local, national and international context, and how to navigate arts spaces while maintaining your integrity and autonomy as an artist.  

The masterclasses are free and open to anyone aged 18 to 30. Places are limited due to COVID capacity, so be sure to book your tickets here. 

Proudly supported by The Bowery Theatre and Brimbank City Council, with funding from Maribyrnong City Council, Sidney Myer Foundation and organisational funding from the Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria. 

Hero Image Illustration by Nadia Lian

Past Up Next Masterclass

  • Technology in Live Performance | Jolyon James

    Technology has cemented itself in our culture as a fundamental way in which we communicate with each other. It is so pervasive, that at times we may not even be aware of its effects. For me, primarily working in the theatre for young people sector, understanding the use of this technology has become a large part of my practice.

    In this workshop I plan to use the new ADOBE Character Animator application to create a live 2D animation that can be performed by the group. I would also like to explore the use of smart phones to create drama and tension in a scene and what happens when a conversation that is intended only to be intimate and private becomes projected large and publicly into a theatrical space.

    Jolyon James is a visual artist, theatre maker, writer and photographer. He has written directed and designed numerous live shows that have toured both nationally and internationally, most recently, Robot Song [currently on national tour]; Cautionary Tales for Children starring Virginia Gay [Sydney Opera House 2017]  and Trapper which he co-created with Christian Leavesley [Sydney opera house and Arts Centre Melbourne 2017/2018]. He has also created music video clips for artists such as Kate Ceberano and was a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

    When: Wednesday, 10 April 2019

    Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Venue: Film Studio, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville


  • Song and Story | Sarah Ward

    In this 3 hour intensive workshop you will write your own song and a group song. 
    We will investigate the power of story-telling through song; whether that be rap, soul, folk, pop, rock, electronic or performance art. 
    We will look at how the words of a song can disrupt, activate and inspire change and be a powerful tool for activism, self-healing and connection. 

    Sarah Ward is an experienced songwriter, teacher, actor and cabaret artist. She has received the Helpmann Award, nine Green Room Awards and three Fringe Awards for Best Cabaret Artist and Production. She is currently touring nationally and Internationally with her cabaret creations Yana Alana and Queen Kong. She teaches singing part-time at Footscray City Primary School and runs songwriting workshops with ECHO Collective, Polyglot Theatre and Womens Circus. She is passionate about the power of songwriting for healing, development and self-confidence.

    When: Thursday, 11 April 2019

    Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Venue: Film Studio, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville


  • Practical Inclusive Theatre Practice | Ingrid Voorendt and Tom Middleditch

    This practical workshop will reflect Tom and Ingrid’s different perspectives on inclusive practice. Working in different ways and bringing different skills, together they will demonstrate how they collaborate through conversational, experimental and fun techniques to create a safe, creative and inspiring room to play in

    Ingrid is a performance maker and director with a background in dance and community engagement. She is currently an Artistic Associate at Back to Back Theatre.

    Tom is a writer, director, philosopher, neurodiversity advocate and relaxed performance consultant. He is the Artistic Director of A_tistic, and the Inclusion Coordinator at St Martins Youth Arts Centre.

    When: Thursday, 11 April 2019

    Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Venue: Film Studio, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville

  • Pragmatic Approaches to Living as an Artist | Rani Pramesti

    During Pragmatic Approaches to Living as an Artist, we will do three things: dream up the big vision for a life built on your core values, share strategies on how to use your time wisely and identify tools to have a healthy relationship with money.The aim of all three elements is to build the scaffolding you need to do to more than survive as an artist, we want you to thrive as an artist!

    Rani P Collaborations inspires conversations, self-reflection and intercultural exchange through transformative storytelling experiences. As Founder of Rani P Collaborations Pty Ltd, Rani leads culturally diverse teams across Indonesia and Australia, working at the intersection of storytelling, technology and cultural exchange.

    When: Friday, 12 April 2019

    Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Venue: Deluxe Room, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville


  • Making Work with Guts | Susie Dee & Patricia Cornelius

    Dee & Cornelius will conduct a masterclass focused on collaboration and the making of bold theatrical work. Patricia will share her writing process, and Susie will talk directing techniques. Together they will share their 30-year history about the making of various works over that period.

    Susie has worked extensively in theatre as a performer, devisor and director in Australia and overseas for the past 30 years. Susie has been nominated and won numerous awards, and has been the Artistic Director of three theatre companies: (MWT) Melbourne Workers Theatre, (UHT) Union House Theatre and (ICE) Institute Of Complex Entertainment.

    Patricia is an award winning playwright and novelist. She is a founding member of Melbourne Workers Theatre and works predominantly within the independent sector.

    When: Friday, 12 April 2019

    Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Venue: Deluxe Room, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville

  • Stage Combat with Lyndall Grant

    Get ready to get sweaty! Stage combat is one of the most exciting and challenging forms of performance, for audience and actors alike. However many people do not realise what goes into performing fights so that they look effective, but stay safe. This workshop will take you through the basics of working with action on stage – the techniques, the principles, the story-telling – and how you use them to best effect.

    Lyndall Grant is a member of the Society of Australian Fight Directors and a certified Dramatic Combat teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. She is currently the Tutor in Theatre (Stage Combat) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

    When: 1 September 2018

    Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Venue: Bunker Room, Phoenix Youth Hub, 72 Buckley Street, Footscray


  • Find Your Inner Clown with Lily Fish

    Unleash your inner stupidity and learn tricks and techniques to performing hilarious physical comedy with Lily Fish. Learn the fundamentals of performing in the style ‘clown’ through games and exercises coming from the Le Coq and Gaulier traditions. Develop your ability to connect with an audience, perform without a fourth wall, uncover your unique comedic charm and learn how to act and react as part of a duo.

    Lily Fish is a performer, theatre maker, director, playwright and teaching artist. She is the founding member of queer physical comedy ensemble PO PO MO CO and a member of internationally renown physical theatre company Born in a Taxi.

    When: 8 September 2018

    Time: 2pm – 5pm

    Venue: Bluestone Church Arts Space, 8A Hyde St, Footscray


  • Inclusive Facilitation with Jo Dunbar

    This creative access workshop will explore the fundamentals of thinking about inclusion and focus on re-framing your thinking on disability and diversity, and explore the fundamentals of embedding inclusion into your creative practice.

    Jo Dunbar is a choreographer, director and facilitator, with 20 years experience in the professional arts industry. Jo’s facilitator strength is enabling the learning space to be one where we learn from ourselves and each other. She has co-founded Australia’s first dance company for deaf and hearing performers, The Delta Project, performed with renowned arts companies Strange Fruit and Restless Dance theatre, taught dance and physical theatre workshops to companies both regionally and nationally. Born profoundly deaf and bi-lingual in both English and Auslan she is passionate about all things diverse, experimental and inclusive.

    When: 15 September 2018

    Time: 2pm – 5pm

    Venue: Deluxe Room, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris Street, Yarraville


  • Decolonising Theatre with Candy Bowers

    A highly immersive workshop based on human to human connection; participants will develop skills of body, voice, expression, storytelling and theatre making. A truly transformative drama workshop that shifts hearts, minds and perspectives.

    “If I didn’t define myself for myself I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies of me and eaten alive.” Audre Lorde

    Candy Bowers is an experienced speaker, writer, actor, comic, theatre maker and filmmaker. The Artistic Director of Black Honey Company, Candy has pioneered a fierce sub-genre of contemporary performance which earned her the 2018 Geoffrey Milne- Green Room Association Award for outstanding contribution to Independent Theatre. She has trained in classic patriarchal European, English and White American Theatre and traveled the country and the world seeking culturally diverse, feminist practices and intersectional points of view. Her practice, observation and immersion in decolonisation has led her to develop tools and methods to approach theatre.

    When: 22 September 2018

    Time: 2pm – 5pm

    Venue: Deluxe Room, Kindred Studios, 3 Harris Street Yarraville


  • Physical Theatre with Katrina Cornwell

    Let loose! Draw from the theatre practices of The Viewpoints and Frantic Assembly to explore the expressive potential of the body. Work collaboratively with Katrina Cornwell through an improvisational language that can be applied to devising and directing theatre.

    Katrina Cornwell is a director, performance maker and actor who has performed extensively in physical/ visual theatre, collaborating with companies such as Zen Zen Zo, The Danger Ensemble and Red Moon Rising.

    When: 29 September 2018

    Time: 2pm – 5pm

    Venue: Womens Circus, 395 Gordon St & Barkly St, Footscray VIC 3011