Past Shows

  • Days of the Last Doll

    A lost doll once held in a child’s hand.
    A remnant of a world that was once innocent and beautiful and is now owned by the Atlas Sunrise Corporation.
    In this nightmare dystopia of our  own making, is there a tomorrow?

    A unique promenade dance, theatre, media, visual art installation performance by Year 9 students working with artists in residence.

    Date: Thursday 15 October and Friday 16 October
    Time:  6:00pm and 7.30pm
    Venue: Hume Anglican Grammar, Central Gathering Space, 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham 3064
    Bookings via try booking: $5.00 each ($4.70+ 30c booking fee). Proceeds go towards a sustainability project at Hume Anglican Grammar.
    For more information: Stephanie Pace 03 8339 6900



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  • Searching for Winta and Youth Forum

    This showing of Searching for Winta is the second stage in the creative development of the vibrant new work devised by the Phoenix Youth Theatre.

    Some of us are believers, some are non-believers. One thing’s for sure there have been sightings. Everyone’s searching for something.
    Winta is everything you are looking for.

    Followed by:

    Why do we do it for? – A forum about socially engaged youth theatre.
    This dynamic and democratic forum explores what we might mean by ‘socially engaged’ art and what the purpose and value of our practice is in an increasingly divided society and and rapidly expanding digital world. A panel of emerging artists will speak about their practice and respond to questions, then it’s open to the audience to engage, challenge and generate discussion.

    Date: Friday 14 August
    Time: 6pm for Searching for Winta
    7pm for Why do we do it for? discussion panel.
    Venue: VU Footscray Nicholson campus (cnr Nicholson and Buckley Streets Footscray). Building N (Beanland Building) Room N221 level 2
    Free Entry


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  • Forbidden

    Western Edge Youth Arts and North Geelong Secondary College present Forbidden.

    Lee is in love with Sandra. Luna has fallen in love with two boys at the same time. The only problem is their love is forbidden.

    A fast paced comedy about love, culture and football.

    Dates: Thursday 14th May – Friday 15th May
    Time: 7pm
    Venue: Drama Studio North Geelong Secondary College 130 Separation Street, Bell Park
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  • Arabian Nights

    Tate Street Primary School and Western Edge Youth Arts present Arabian Nights.

    Scheherazade has married the evil Sultan. What stories can she tell to live another day?

    Four fast, funny tales about goats, gold, ghosts and genies.

    Date: Friday 7th August
    Time: 7pm
    Venue: Shenton Performing Arts Centre, Cnr Garden & Ryrie Sts East Geelong


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  • Fate: I

    In November 2013, a cast of 40 young people performed this epic show at the Footscray Community Arts Centre as part of Big West Festival, and at community venues in Flemington and Ballarat.

    Fate was a unique collaboration between the emerging artists of Flemington Theatre Group, Massive Hip Hop choir, Western Edge Youth Arts, Barkly Arts and Big West. Blending hip hop, choral music and edgy theatre, the piece was written by emerging artists working in a devising process. It explored the roles that luck and chance play in our lives – especially those who are drawn towards gambling – and asks the question: are we really in control of our destiny? You must draw your own conclusions.

    Fate is a story about taking chances and it hits the jackpot. There is so much going on in this explosion of theatre, hip hop and singing that is fresh and vibrant. Directed by Dave Cuong Nguyen and Dave Kelman this production is clever, adventurous and funny.’ – Cheryl Threadgold, Melbourne Observer 7 Dec 2013

    Full review here

    Analysis of Audience Response Surveys shows that Fate audiences ‘valued complex, open-ended stories that were grounded in community reality, explored relevant social issues, engaged them emotionally and offered a sense of hope’.

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  • Be not Afear’d

    On 28 and 29 of August 2014 at Footscray City College, students performed an installation performance piece based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Othello, leading audiences down a tunnel of love, with side trips into hate, magic and jealousy.

    Presented in partnership with Footscray City College

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  • Deeds of Loki

    On 10 September, 2014 a group of students from Tate Street Primary School took their audience on a journey, deep in time, to a Viking village, where tales from Old Norse mythology were told. The shadows leaped and flicker as the Storyteller conjured giants, dwarves, mythical beasts and the gods of Asgard – Thor, Odin, Loki and the rest!

    Presented in partnership with Tate Street Primary School

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  • Misfits

    On 16 September 2014 at Flemington Community Centre, Mt Alexander High School students performed four unique stories about the search for belonging. The question: What would you do to fit in?

    Presented in partnership with Mt Alexander High School

    Quotes from participants:

    ‘My confidence really improved during the weeks of doing [Misfits]. I’ve become more open and loud and it gave me confidence to stand up in front of people to do what I want to do without being scared.’

    ‘The script was very interesting because it relates to many teenagers.’

     ‘Making people laugh felt nice.’

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  • Forbidden (First Showing)

    Performed by North Geelong Secondary College students at the Croatian Association Hall in Geelong on 8 November 2014, Forbidden was a fast-moving comedy about love, life, culture and football.

    Presented in association with North Geelong Secondary College.

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  • Boxed

    Devised and performed by the AAWE Collective (Arts Access / Western Edge), Boxed was a cross art-form theatre installation exploring notions of transformation, featured as part of The Big West Festival on 23 November 2014.

    Presented in partnership with Arts Access Victoria.


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