Current Shows

  • Waiting for Something Better by North Geelong Edge

    Inspired by Beckett’s, Waiting for Godot, this new performance is a tragi-comic tale about love, hate and survival.

    Dim and Gonzo are homeless and waiting at cross-roads, as the world heats up and the future seems increasingly doubtful.

    A series of characters enter their world, bringing stories from the frontline of a world gone mad; a trader in rare animals who revels in the mass extinction, a soldier from a far-off war who has sold his soul to the devil and done things that cannot be imagined, a rapper who travels from place to place bringing fragments of joy into people’s lives.

    They come and go again, leaving Dim and Gonzo to try and make sense of a senseless world.

    Presented by Western Edge Youth Arts, Waiting for Something Better is an original piece written and performed by North Geelong Edge; a group of culturally diverse, young emerging artists from Geelong.

    Date: Wednesday, 24 July

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: fOrT Youth Centre, Geelong

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Past Shows

  • Scent of the Night at Geelong After Dark

    Take a sensual journey into the cultural diversity of Geelong. Caesar searches for his girlfriend Nima on a journey that will take you from Africa to Woolworths via the laneways of the city. The journey culminates in the audience deciding the lovers’ fate and poses the question: ‘What is love?’

    Devised by culturally diverse young artists of Geelong Edge, this performance is a fun, comic, interactive street theatre experience for family audiences.

    Date: Friday, 3 May

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: Little Malop Street, Geelong

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  • Grace for Race by St Albans Edge

    Highschool is a battleground
    Beyonce is a war cry
    Food is a weapon
    Culture is everything

    But what happens when someone stops fighting?
    When friendship is found in the most unlikely of places?
    In a dog eat dog world how do you survive if you just want to live and let live?

    Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, St Albans Edge explores culture and girlhood in this explosive original new work. There will blood, there will be dance-offs and there will be food fights. Hold on to your seats, things  are about to get messy.

    St Albans Edge invite family, friends and the broader community to celebrate their first ever performance at The Bowery Theatre. This event showcases the talent and passion of Brimbank’s youth and is the culmination of a year-long process of sharing, storytelling and eating. Lots of eating.

    Date: Saturday, 8 December

    Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm

    Location: Bowery Theatre, 309C Main Rd E, St Albans

    Tickets: Free, available here

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  • Double Feature: Share House & 2K by Geelong Edge

    A night of new original comedy that will give you a peek into life in Geelong today.

    Share House

    Bamba, Ada, Veronica and Ivan are the motley crew living in a metropolitan share house; four mismatched, ethnically diverse, unalike friends who contrast in character, stories, and personal troubles. When Bamba’s cousin arrives, she threatens the secrecy of Bamba’s double life. Be immersed in misfortune, triumph, lies and love triangles that come hand-in-hand with being a young adult in a transforming society.

    Directed by Krystalla Pearce.
    Written by Geelong Edge members, Sila Toprak and Kiril Stamenkov.


    Things were tough enough in 2K’s life before someone attacked and racially abused him at a nightclub in Geelong. His girlfriend is pregnant, his friends can’t fight to save themselves, Jo Po’s car won’t start and the only person who will give him a job is his notorious gangster half-brother, 5K. Will 2K do the right thing? (and can someone please tell him what that is?)

    Written by Dave Kelman, Dave Nguyen from a devising process with the cast.

    Date: Thursday, November 22

    Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

    Venue: Courthouse Youth Arts, 60 Little Malop Street, Geelong

    Tickets: Free, available here


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  • Lele, Butterfly by Footscray Edge

    Western Edge Youth Arts presents an evening of live entertainment featuring the Footscray Edge’s new original performance, Lele, Butterfly – followed by music, spoken word and rap by local artists.


    Food and live performances by Leigh Lule, Nadia Hanaan and Ror Akot.


    Lele, Butterfly

    The greatest shifts in consciousness begin with a single act of bravery.

    Melbourne. Now. One brother raises hell amongst his family. Another steps up to defend them. Both are killed. Their father holds a memorial for one, and forbids anyone from burying the other. Everyone obeys. Everyone, except a young woman named Antigone.

    Footscray Edge adapt the ancient Greek play of Antigone to explore contemporary Samoan culture and how one person’s actions can cause a ripple effect throughout a community. But will it be too late? Cultures collide, families divide and a community is turned inside out as each member of it must confront one of life’s greatest challenges: how do you act with truth and integrity in the midst of chaos, grief, fear? Do you accept the rules of your household, or do you trust in something bigger, do you spread your wings and Lele (fly).


    Spoken word performances by Amarachi Okorom & Dana Clare

    Date: Friday, 16 November

    Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

    Location: Amphitheatre, Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland St, Footscray

    Price: Free tickets available here

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  • Antigone by Geelong Edge

    Will Antigone choose freedom and betray her own family?

    We’re in Thebes, a modern state. When Polynices, a young African activist, is shot dead by police, President Creon and his unscrupulous media adviser Tiresius, turn to racial vilification to win votes. Antigone, Polynices’ sister, is now left to stand alone against the forces of the state.

    This original, interactive theatre performance re-invents Sophocles’ classic as a story of immediate relevance for our times. Written and devised by culturally diverse emerging artists from Geelong, the play tackles Australia’s political climate and carefully dissects today’s issues surrounding race and culture.

    Be immersed in song, dance and poetic text, and get the opportunity to interact with characters and together, explore the complexity of the play’s themes.

    Cast: Irene Bakulikira, Eto Masoka, Sila Toprak, Craig Gunguta, Kiril Stamenkov and Finn Lloyd with live music by Callum Watson.

    Date: Friday, 26 October

    Time: 8.00pm – 9.00pm

    Location: Courthouse Youth Arts, 60 Little Malop St, Geelong

    Tickets: Free, available here

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  • ‘Tig by Wyndham Edge

    Performed by the Wyndham Edge ensemble, ‘Tig will be the highlight performance at Night Waves at Wyndham Cultural Centre.

    The play takes the Greek tragedy Antigone and reinvents it in a world where people of colour have power and privilege and white people are the victims of racism. The play draws inspiration from political satire TV series, ‘Veep’, to show the way politicians and the media use racism to maintain popularity.

    Featuring film, hip hop and live theatre, the play is a searing satirical comedic adaptation that directly addresses the current world of ‘fake news’ and culture wars.

    Night Waves will kick off with atmospheric sounds from Josh Ephraum’s work Avalanche, followed by the performance of ‘Tig at 7pm. After the show discover local dancers, and hip-hop artists from Benchmark who will invite you to explore Wyndham Art Gallery and, the current exhibition – LOCAL by photographer, Robert Young, and sculptor, Jonathan Mendez Baute.

    Date: Friday, 5 October

    Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

    Location: Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton St, Werribee

    Price: Free, register here

    Night Waves is presented by Wyndham City Council and Western Edge Youth Arts, with the support of the Wyndham Cultural Foundation.



  • Lear: The Youth Will Prevail

    Presented by Victoria University Secondary College and Western Edge Youth Arts

    This adaptation of Lear will see a newly created utopian world; one which has been created for peace, prosperity and equality. Run by teenagers who desperately seek to live in a society more just and tolerant than the ones they have grown up in. When Lear decides it’s time for her to step down as leader, she halves her empire  between two new leaders and for the first time, the community is divided. Under new reign, Utopia is suddenly under threat. Will the youth prevail, or is Utopia doomed to be just like the outside world?

    Date: 13 September and 14 September

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: Victoria University Secondary College, 5A Jamieson Street, St Albans

    Price: $2, available for purchase at VUSC General Office.


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  • Macbeth

    Presented by Manor Lakes P-12 College and Western Edge Youth Arts

    Macbeth like you’ve never seen it. An original re-imagining of Shakespeare’s timeless classic set in a dystopian world. Macbeth works for the Warlord Duncan, keeping the peasants in line and munching on rat burgers. The witches say he can be King, but does he have the courage to seize his chance?

    Date: 19 September and 20 September

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: Amadeus Hall, Manor Lakes College, 2-50 Minindee Rd, Wyndham Vale

    Price: $5 Students/ Concession, $10 Adults               
    Available for purchase at Manor Lakes College Office.

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  • Tales From Many Lands

    Presented by Whittington Primary School and Western Edge Youth Arts.

    All students, from Prep to Grade 6 from Whittington Primary School, will perform amazing folk stories from many different lands. Expect tales full of heroes, monsters, fools and fairies.

    8 August – Grades Prep, 1/2 and 2/3   
    10 August – Grades 3/4 and 5/6
    Location: Newcomb Library, Bellarine Hwy, Cnr Wilsons Rd      
    Price: Free

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  • Caliban on Tour


    Alright, so here’s what I know.
 My island.
    My space, my peace.
    Knew this place like the back of my eyelids,
    Could read it like a book, cover to cover, leaf to root to paw print to coloured flower and fruit.

    Caliban’s island is sinking. Ariel is an artificial intelligence system with the power to save the world. But as she learns more about the people she was built to protect, she is forced to make a choice that could destroy them.

    Exploring the battle ground of global climate politics through the eyes of those on the front lines, this brand new Australian work reclaims Shakespeare’s iconic character of Caliban and gives him his own voice in a world where only the richest survive.

    Floating stories from Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Noongar country in Western Australia, Caliban is a dynamic and energised performance that draws from the past to question how we’re living in the present. Crashing between Shakespeare and rap, nature and technology, physical theatre and audio visual projection, this electric performance allows young people to grapple with Australia’s most urgent question: how do we save the planet if we’re the ones to blame?


    Created and performed by the Edge Ensemble: Natalie Lucic, Ror Akot, Piper Huynh, Ebony Maguire, Amarachi Okorom, Craig Gunguta
    Director: Penny Harpham
    Writer: Georgia Symons
    Set and Costume: Owen Phillips
    Sound Composition and AV: Daniel Nixon
    Stage Management: Jessica Hutton
    Production Management: Sally Farr

    Caliban premiered at the Coopers Malthouse 24-26 November 2016 with the 2016 Edge Ensemble. Original script by Georgia Symons, Achai Deng, Abraham Herasan, Piper Huynh, Natalie Lucic, Rexson Pelman, Oti Willoughby and Dave Kelman.


    “an adaptation that wreaks perfect havoc on its source text, layering the urgency of climate change into its plot and characters.” – ★ ★ ★ ★ Theatrepeople

    “Western Edge Youth Arts have done and continue to do remarkable work but the real accolades go to the Edge Ensemble for a clever thought-evoking message.” – ★ ★ ★ ★ ArtsHub

    “spirited, vibrant and painfully accurate” – Theatre Press

    Caliban is pertinent worthwhile theatre… Go Western Edge!” – Stage Whispers


    14 May, 11am – Potato Shed (Drysdale)
    16 May, 10.30am – Riverlinks (Shepparton)
    17 May, 8pm – Wyndham Cultural Centre (Wyndham)
    18 May, 11am – The Bowery (St Albans)
    22 May, 6pm – Bunjil Place (Narre Warren)
    23 May, 10am – Bunjil Place (Narre Warren)
    23 May, 12.30pm – Bunjil Place (Narre Warren)
    25 May, 1.30pm – The Wedge (Sale)
    31 May, 7.30pm – Mildura Arts Centre (Mildura)


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