• Waiting for Something Better by North Geelong Edge

    Inspired by Beckett’s, Waiting for Godot, this new performance is a tragi-comic tale about love, hate and survival.

    Dim and Gonzo are homeless and waiting at cross-roads, as the world heats up and the future seems increasingly doubtful.

    A series of characters enter their world, bringing stories from the frontline of a world gone mad; a trader in rare animals who revels in the mass extinction, a soldier from a far-off war who has sold his soul to the devil and done things that cannot be imagined, a rapper who travels from place to place bringing fragments of joy into people’s lives.

    They come and go again, leaving Dim and Gonzo to try and make sense of a senseless world.

    Presented by Western Edge Youth Arts, Waiting for Something Better is an original piece written and performed by North Geelong Edge; a group of culturally diverse, young emerging artists from Geelong.

    Date: Wednesday, 24 July

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: fOrT Youth Centre, Geelong

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