• Free Your Voice with Matt Furlani

    An in-depth, guided exploration and refinement of all fundamental components required for dynamic, truthful speech: relaxation, breathing freedom and power, resonance, responsive and limber tongue, soft palette and jaw, open channel, pitch range, articulation and imaginative connection to text and language. The Voice and the Self are intertwined; blocks in one area will affect the other. We can experience increased freedom in both through mindful exploration and practise. Free your VOICE = free YOURSELF!

    Matt Furlani is a Voice/Dialect coach and Actor, holding a Post Grad Diploma in Voice Studies and Bachelor of Dramatic Art (VCA). Matt has worked with theatre companies including OpticNerve, North of Eight, the Artisan Collective as well as the Australian E-Sports Federation and Epic Tampa Entertainment, US. In 2016 he was a recipient of The Mike Walsh Fellowship, enabling him to travel to Scotland and work with renowned voice teacher – and author of Freeing the Natural Voice – Kristin Linklater. He regularly teaches dialect workshops at TAFTA, Melbourne Actor’s Lab and Associated Studios Aus, as well as ongoing private tuition.  He has taught Voice & Dialect at 16th St since 2017. Most recently, Matt was Dialect Coach for Red Stitch’s productions of Pomona and Ulster American and was invited to work alongside Geraldine Cook on Golden Shield and Home, I’m Darling for MTC.

    When: Thursday 12 March 2020

    Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Venue: Flexi Room, The Bowery Theatre, 33 Princess Street St Albans

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