• DIY Lighting Design with Katie Sfetkidis

    Learn the basics of lighting design using everyday objects. This workshop will focus on how light can be used as a dynamic element in your next performance without needing fancy equipment. From lighting the action to setting the mood, this workshop will include practical exercises using readily accessible light sources that can be used to great effect. 

    What to bring:

    1/ a picture with lighting you like (something digital that we can share with the group)

    2/ a light source (this could be desk lamp, mobile phone, computer, torch, light switch, toy etc)

    3/ pencil / pen and some paper

    Katie Sfetkidis is a Melbourne based lighting designer and contemporary artist and a key creative of Queer theatre company Little Ones Theatre. She has worked extensively in theatre and contemporary experimental performance for almost 15 years across Australia. Katie has worked across the mainstage and Independent sectors for companies including: Malthouse Theatre, MTC, Belvoir, Sydney Theatre Company, La Boite, Little Ones Theatre, APHIDS, Red Stitch,  Sisters Grimm, Fraught Outfit and Field Theory. She has received one Green Room Award and several nominations. Katie currently sits as a Green Room Award panel member of both Contemporary Experimental Performance and Theatre Companies Panels.

    When: Thursday 7 May 2020

    Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Venue: Online! Register to be emailed the login details.

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