• Embodied Impact with Tamica Wilder

    This workshop invites you into your fully embodied, grounded and wildly authentic self-expression. Learn how the practice of attuning to your sensations and somatic self-understanding can amplify your artistry and help you take care of yourself from the inside out. 

    Tamica Wilder is a Melbourne based youth worker, facilitator and multi-qualified therapist with a deep passion for teaching us how to reconnect with pleasure and embodiment for everyday wellbeing and self connection. Tamica’s work arms you with the tools needed to create lasting and meaningful wellbeing and self awareness practices. She aims to motivate, innovate and uplift your artistry and unique gifts in order to support your unapologetic authenticity to shine. Tamica brings over a decade of experience in group work, facilitation, counselling and youth work and guides with humour, compassion, wisdom and boldness. 


    When: Thursday 20 May 2021

    Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Venue: Flexi Room 3, The Bowery Theatre, 33 Princess Street St Albans.

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