• Double Feature: Share House & 2K by Geelong Edge

    A night of new original comedy that will give you a peek into life in Geelong today.

    Share House

    Bamba, Ada, Veronica and Ivan are the motley crew living in a metropolitan share house; four mismatched, ethnically diverse, unalike friends who contrast in character, stories, and personal troubles. When Bamba’s cousin arrives, she threatens the secrecy of Bamba’s double life. Be immersed in misfortune, triumph, lies and love triangles that come hand-in-hand with being a young adult in a transforming society.

    Directed by Krystalla Pearce.
    Written by Geelong Edge members, Sila Toprak and Kiril Stamenkov.


    Things were tough enough in 2K’s life before someone attacked and racially abused him at a nightclub in Geelong. His girlfriend is pregnant, his friends can’t fight to save themselves, Jo Po’s car won’t start and the only person who will give him a job is his notorious gangster half-brother, 5K. Will 2K do the right thing? (and can someone please tell him what that is?)

    Written by Dave Kelman, Dave Nguyen from a devising process with the cast.

    Date: Thursday, November 22

    Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

    Venue: Courthouse Youth Arts, 60 Little Malop Street, Geelong

    Tickets: Free, available here


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