• Days of the Last Doll

    A lost doll once held in a child’s hand.
    A remnant of a world that was once innocent and beautiful and is now owned by the Atlas Sunrise Corporation.
    In this nightmare dystopia of our  own making, is there a tomorrow?

    A unique promenade dance, theatre, media, visual art installation performance by Year 9 students working with artists in residence.

    Date: Thursday 15 October and Friday 16 October
    Time:  6:00pm and 7.30pm
    Venue: Hume Anglican Grammar, Central Gathering Space, 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham 3064
    Bookings via try booking: $5.00 each ($4.70+ 30c booking fee). Proceeds go towards a sustainability project at Hume Anglican Grammar.
    For more information: Stephanie Pace 03 8339 6900



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