• Consent and Boundaries: Where do we start? with Safe Theatres Australia

    Founders of Safe Theatres Australia Eryn Jean Norvill and Sophie Ross guide a conversation about how to respectfully set up consent and boundaries so that they form the foundations of art practice. 


    Safe Theatres Australia

    We pay our deep respects to the First Nations people of this land. 

    We are a cultural change organisation committed to creating theatrical workspaces that are free of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination; workspaces that are safe for everyone. 

    We acknowledge that Australian theatres can be inaccessible, unwelcoming and unsafe for many. We ask – What are the institutional biases, systemic cultural issues, internalised mythologies and industry blind-spots that have landed us where we are today? And how can we shift them? 


    When: Thursday 10 June 2021

    Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Venue: Flexi Room 3, The Bowery Theatre, 33 Princess Street St Albans.

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