• An Artist’s Manifesto with Kamarra Bell-Wykes

    Kamarra Bell-Wykes will facilitate a session of self-interrogation to articulate personal value, artistic mission, skill set and life experience and how to best utilise these unique powers to become the most valuable version of you.


    Kamarra Bell-Wykes (Yagera and Butchulla) is a playwright, director, dramaturge, devisor, facilitator, performer, creative producer, program curator, community developer and education consultant. Kamarra’s transformative First Nation’s practice is highly sought after across the performing arts, community, health, education and justice sectors. After serving five years with ILBIJERRI as their Education and Learning Manager and later Creative Director Kamarra has been freelancing since 2018. Throughout 2020/21 Kamarra is working in a range of capacities with Malthouse, ILBIJERRI, ACM, Melbourne Fringe, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Hot House and STCSA. Her works include Because The Night (Malthouse), Dear Australia (PWA), Scar Trees, Viral, Tiny Plays for Australia (ACM), North West of Nowhere, Body Armour, Chopped Liver, Shrunken Iris (ILBIJERRI), Crying Shame (Next Wave), Mother’s Tongue (Yirra Yaakin) and has received awards in recognition of her theatre practice from Hepatitis Victoria, Drama Australia, ACCELERATE and The Greenroom. In 2012 Kamarra graduated with Honours with a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (BIITE/CDU) and has conducted various research publication into theatre, education and community practice with Melbourne University, Monash University, and VCA


    When: Thursday 12th August

    Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Venue: Flexi Room 3, The Bowery Theatre, 33 Princess Street St Albans.

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