Current Shows

  • Quarter Acre Block Showing

    In a creative collaboration, emerging artists from WEYA and Westside Circus, will present a work in progress showing of their new experimental project Quarter Acre Block. The work explores ideas about home, land and boarders. You are invited to attend the showing.

    Date:   Friday 8 December

    Time:   6pm

    Venue:  Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville

    Cost:   FREE

    Special thanks to Australia Council for the Arts and Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for their support of this project.


    For more back ground on this project, read our previous interview with participating WEYA emerging artist, Simone Liew.

  • Caliban


    The Edge Ensemble have created an exciting new work….

    Caliban’s island is sinking. Ariel is an artificial intelligence system with the power to save the world. As tensions rise with the tides, who will survive?

     Exploring the battle ground of global climate politics through the eyes of those on the front lines, this brand new Australian work floats fragments of stories from South Sudan, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Islands on a wave of dynamic energy that’s heading your way.


    Created and performed by the Edge Ensemble: Achai Deng, Abraham Hersan, Piper Huynh, Natalie Lucic, Rex Pelman, Oti Wiloughby

    Directors: Tariro Movondo and Dave Kelman

    Writer: Georgia Symons

    Movement: Amy Macpherson

    Music and composition: Callum Watson



    Caliban premiered at the Coopers Malthouse 24-26 November 2016.


    “an adaptation that wreaks perfect havoc on its source text, layering the urgency of climate change into its plot and characters.” – ★ ★ ★ ★ Theatrepeople

    “Western Edge Youth Arts have done and continue to do remarkable work but the real accolades go to the Edge Ensemble for a clever thought-evoking message.” – ★ ★ ★ ★ ArtsHub

    “spirited, vibrant and painfully accurate” – Theatre Press

    “Caliban is pertinent worthwhile theatre… Go Western Edge!” – Stage Whispers


    CALIBAN will be touring May 2018.

    Further information & touring enquiries: call Sally Farr at Western Edge on 03 90914725


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Past Shows

  • Ensemble ’17!

     Performance, Workshop, Dialogue.

    Community youth theatre ensembles from Footscray, Hoppers Crossing, Geelong and St Albans will come together for an end of year event to share their work and discuss big questions like ‘why do we make theatre?’ And, ‘how can theatre address the times we are living in?’

    WEYA’s community of friends, family, staff and supporters are warmly invited to join us from 6.00pm to 8.30pm for a showcase of short performances from each of the ensembles, followed by a young artist’s forum.


    Date:   Sat 25 November

    Times:  Start 3pm, Workshop for all WEYA participants

    6.00pm to 8.30pm, Performance and Forum, open to community

    Venue:  Kindred Studios, 3 Harris St, Yarraville

    Cost:   FREE

    Thanks to Creative Victoria, Brimbank City Council, Maribyrnong City Council, Wyndham City and Newsboys Foundation for their ongoing support.

  • Six Hours in Geelong

    Six Hours in Geelong builds on a three-year commitment Western Edge Youth Arts has made to the new migrant and refugee communities of North Geelong. It is a deliberate attempt to build the diversity of the Geelong arts scene so that it more accurately represents the dynamic, changing face of our city. We believe that a more inclusive society needs to be created through a better understanding of cultural complexity and an active embracing of cultural differences.

    The play is a series of encounters that take place amongst a group of friends from diverse cultural backgrounds on one night out in Geelong, during which they negotiate their culture, friendship, love affairs and values – as well as searching for a good time! Most of the material of the show is based on actual events that have happened to cast members or friends and all of it was devised and written by the ensemble. This complex process has taken place over nine months and the work represents an authentic community voice.

    Created and performed by the Geelong Edge Ensemble, a company of emerging artists from Middle Eastern, Pacifika and African backgrounds, who represent a contemporary voice for theatre in Geelong.


    Date: Friday 27 October

    Time: 1.00pm & 7.00pm

    Venue: Geelong Performing Arts Centre, 50 Little Malop St, Geelong

    Prices: $5.50 concession, $10 full

    Bookings: or call Box Office on 03 5225 1200

    Creative team:

    Performed: by the Geelong Edge Ensemble: Craig Gunguta, Obi Jamshadi, Sila Toprak, Shinaya Tuari, Eto Masoka Claudine, Irene Bakulikira, Alain Bakulikira, Alphonse Mulashe, Abraham Herasan, Natalie Lucic and Rexon Semisi Pelman

    Devised and written: by the Geelong Edge Ensemble, with Dave Kelman, Reuben Zalme and Dave Cuong Nguyen

    Music and composition: Callum Watson

    Video content: Hoang Tran Nguyen

    Read feature articles on Geelong Edge ensemble members Sila Toprak and Craig Gunguta.


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  • STANDOUT (@ Due West Festival)

    A night of live short performances by young emerging artists from Melbourne’s West, as part of Due West Festival.

    In the Light of Day is an exploration of a community that is suddenly placed in quarantine, forcing neighbors to connect. With scenes continually breaking out of the stage, this immersive piece will lead audiences to becoming part of the action.

    At First Glance delves into love and all its motivations. Follow Benji as he falls in love on the Werribee line. Touch on to meet Lucinda, a resilient young woman harboring a pain that keeps her trapped in a dead-end job. Jump off at Station Place to find some local kids running from their troubles. Transfer to Joel, a shy guy in a music shop with nothing left to lose. Can you really fall in love at first sight?

    See original new works, hear young voices, and be a part of celebrating theatre in the West.

    Date: Saturday 26 August

    Time: 7pm – 9pm

    Location: Phoenix Youth Hub, 72 Buckley Street Footscray


    Register your attendance now!



    Food and refreshments provided

    More info: Call Sally 03 9091 4725

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  • Macbeth by VUSC

    Victoria University Secondary College and Western Edge Youth Arts present Macbeth

    A boy. A girl. A dark prophesy.

    Shakespeare’s tragic tale of unchecked ambition unfolds in the school yard.

    ‘Maybe it was fate. Maybe I just got caught up in a game I knew I couldn’t win but wanted to play anyway. Maybe what I did was wrong. Maybe there was no other way.’

    Victoria University Secondary College students perform their original reimagining of the classic.

    Dates: 13 and 14 September

    Time: 7.00pm

    Venue: VUSC Senior Campus Drama Centre,

    Address: 5A Jamieson Street, St. Albans

    Price: $2 Children, $5 Adults

    Bookings: VUSC Senior Campus 03 8312 0200 or VUSC Junior Campus 03 9363 1155

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  • Macbeth of Norlane by NGSC

    Duncan owns a restaurant in Norlane. Macbeth and Banquo are kitchen hands. But the witches say he can be so much more than that and Lady Macbeth agrees. What will Macbeth do next?

    Date: 21 September

    Time: 6.00pm

    Venue: Drama Room, North Geelong Secondary College

    Address: 130 Separation Street, North Geelong 3215

    Teaching artists: Dave Kelman, Lily Fish, May Saba-Sabet, Natalie Lucic.

    Teacher Lawrence Jordan.




    Fantastic stories of magic, robbers, brave girls and talking donkeys, devised and performed by the students of Whittington Primary School.

    Date: 18 August

    Time: Grade Prep to Grade 2 at 12.30pm, Grade 3 to Grade 6 at 2pm

    Location: Whittington Primary School, Worden Ct, Whittington

    Price: FREE

    More info: Call Sally 03 9091 4725

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    Follow Benji as he falls in love on the Werribee line. Touch on to meet Lucinda, a young woman trapped in a dead-end job. Transfer to Joel, a shy guy in a music shop.

    Can you really fall in love at first sight? Can love be found in unlikely friendships? How do we find the strength to act from love and not spite?

    Participants in WEYA’s Wyndham Edge ensemble, showcase their original work.

    Date: 03 August

    Time: 6.30pm

    Location: Youth Resource Centre 86 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing

    Price: FREE

    Register for a place here

    More info: Call Sally 03 9091 4725

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    An outer-suburban street awakes to find they’ve been put under quarantine, with no warning or explanation, and no way out. If they want to escape, the neighbours will have to get to know each other a whole lot better.

    Participants in WEYA’s Phoenix Edge program showcase their work in development.

    Date: 10 June

    Time: 7.00pm

    Location: Phoenix Youth Hub, 72 Buckly St, Footscray

    Price: FREE

    More Info: Call Sally 03 9091 4725

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  • The Secret City at Geelong After Dark

    Created by Geelong Edge, Western Edge Youth Art’s Geelong based emerging artists’ ensemble, this promenade street performance will be presented as part of Geelong After Dark. The work shines a light into the hidden world of culturally diverse Geelong taking audiences on a fun journey along dark alleyways into the lives of young people of colour in Geelong who are grappling with who they are, who they want to be and what it really means to fit in 21st century Australia.

    Date: Friday 5 May
    Time: 7.30 pm
    Location: Little Malop Street, Geelong.
    Price: FREE
    More Info: Call Sally 90914725.


  • Hamlet 2016

    A new Hamlet for our times and community by
 Victoria University Secondary students.

    It’s like this. Hamlet’s a girl. Her father has died. Then her mother marries Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius. Now her father’s ghost has appeared. Something is rotten in the state of Deer Park.

    Featuring Samoan language, innovative mobile projections and Shakespeare!

    Date: Thursday 13 October

    Time: 7.00 pm

    Location: Theatre of Victoria University Secondary College, Senior Campus, 5A Jamieson Street, St Albans 2021.

    Price: FREE

    More Info: Call Sally 90914725

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