In-School Residencies

Since 2006 we have delivered five Creative Victoria Extended Schools Residencies in addition to many other cutting-edge school residencies with the support of the Victorian Department of Education’s Strategic Partnership Program.

Working with teachers in state primary and secondary schools, our projects have integrated different art forms and curriculum content whilst empowering young people through innovative processes.

Our 20-week artists’ residencies culminate in artistically excellent theatrical performances by students for their communities. Projects are staffed with a team of highly qualified teaching-artists in drama, dance, music, creative writing, digital art/ film, physical theatre and design. Curriculum relevant content is negotiated with teachers and delivered in collaborative partnerships.

The program delivers learning outcomes in English, The Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking and Ethical Capabilities. They also support and improve students wellbeing by increasing resilience and building connections between schools and the communities they serve, through vibrant, innovative performances.

For more about our unique education programs, please also see our In- Schools page.

If you're interested in a residency in your school, please send us an expression of interest.

Western Edge Youth Arts' Education Program is proudly supported by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Strategic Partnerships Program, Kimberley Foundation and Newsboys Foundation.




Victoria University Secondary College - 4th year of residency

In our fourth year working with Victoria University Secondary College, we will be stepping away from Shakespeare to create a new original production that will consider cultures, friendships and what it means to be a young person living in St Albans. The ensemble will perform their new work in September.


Manor Lakes P12 College - 2nd year of residency

The Manor Lakes after-school program will feature dance, physical theatre and film. Students will meet weekly to create their own interpretation of Romeo and Juliette that will be performed in September.


Northern Bay College - 1st year of residency

The Northern Bay after-school program will consist of creative improvisations, games, dance, physical theatre and film. The project will culminate in a performance in September.



Whittington Primary School - 3rd year of residency

In our third in-school residency at Whittington Primary School, we worked with 170 primary students from Prep to Year 6. The project adapted folk stories from a wide variety of cultures, and helped students develop oral language, literacy, team work skills and built confidence. The project concluded with two community performances in August.


Victoria University Secondary College - 3rd year of residency

In our third year working with Victoria University Secondary College, students tackled one of Shakespeare’s most ambitious tragedies, King Lear, with our largest VUSC ensemble yet. Our adaptation considered the complex relationship between leaders and their community, as we imagine a New Utopia where young people have found a way to live sustainably, free from the bigotry and greed of the existing adult leaders.


Manor Lakes P12 College - 1st year of residency

The Manor Lakes after-school program brought to life the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, while exploring a dystopian future through dance, physical theatre and film. Participants from Years 7  to 10 performed to large community audiences in September.


Past In-School Residencies

  • Past School Residencies

    Over the past 20 years, Western Edge Youth Arts has had residency programmes in many schools, mostly in Melbourne’s inner west. Some of the schools we have worked in over the last decade include:

    Athol Road Primary School: 2012

    Beechworth Secondary College: 2011

    Debney Meadows Primary School: 2007, 2011-2013

    Debney Park Secondary College: 2007-2011

    Footscray Secondary College: 2009-2014

    Hume Central Secondary College: 2013

    Kensington Community School: 2007, 2011

    Kensington Primary school: 2008-2010

    Marion College: 2008

    Mt Alexander Secondary College: 2011-2014

    North Geelong Secondary College: 2014-2017

    Sandringham Secondary College: 2013

    Staughton Secondary College: 2008

    Tate Street Primary School: 2009-2015

    Travencor School: 2008

    Victoria University Secondary Collage: 2016-2018

    Victoria University Tafe: 2008

    Whittington Primary School: 2015-2018