• Congratulations Piper

    Congratulations to Piper Huynh, on being accepted into the Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Emerging Cultural Leaders program.

    Piper is an actor, maker and facilitator. She has been involved with WEYA as a participant since 2010, and has been a member of WEYA’s flagship emerging artists’ ensemble, the Edge Ensemble, since it’s inception, playing key roles in Iago (2015) and Caliban (2016). Read more about Piper’s Story with WEYA here.

    I asked her about the Emerging Cultural Leaders program.

    ‘I’ve been wanting to do the program for about the last three or four years’, she says.

    This year she’s ‘taking a step back’ from her creative practice, ‘to reassess’. So it seems like the perfect time for a professional development program like this one.

    Piper explains to me that it is a seven-month program where the sixteen participants, with diverse creative practices, meet weekly. There’s writers, photographers, people who work in schools (facilitators), poets, zine people, visual artists, radio broadcaster. The common thread is that they ‘all work in different communities’.

    ‘Speakers – industry people – come in and have a talk to us, and show us the ins and outs,’ she says, mentioning the names of General Managers of key Melbourne arts organisations, and respected Indigenous cultural leaders, as examples.

    ‘We talk about everything’ she says, outlining a range of key skills for artists and cultural workers, ‘even the dry stuff…yesterday we just did budgeting!’

    She is also looking forward to working on a creative project, as part of the program, that will have an outcome at the end of the year, that industry people will be invited to attend.

    We look forward to hearing more from Piper about the Emerging Cultural Leader’s program, and her many other rich and varied activities as a creative, over the coming months.

    Check out Piper’s website here.  And find out more about FCAC’s Emerging Cultural Leader’s program here.

    Article by Kendra Keller, Western Edge Youth Arts