• Passionate Pathways featuring Irene Bakulikira

    Congratulations to Geelong Edge ensemble member Irene Bakulikira on her acceptance into a Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Teaching at Deakin University. Irene has been a participant in Western Edge Youth Arts programs for the past three years.

    Articulate and softly spoken, Irene has nursed a dream of being a teacher since she was a child, and with her introduction to performing arts through Western Edge, she has also developed an interest in making this part of her teaching career. She believes that her experience with Western Edge has built her confidence and courage and offered her insight into different values and cultures, as well as friendships.

    Irene, who has already been teaching dance at the FORT Youth Center in Geelong, said that ‘Being a teacher requires confidence, and Western Edge has helped me develop that’. In first semester she is studying literature, philosophy, anthropology and sociology.

    After completion of this degree, the plan is to undertake further study in Dance and Drama. The University application process included a personal statement and Irene feels that the passion with which she wrote about her love of dance, drama and teaching experiences was a factor in her success. Well done Irene and all the best with your studies!

    Article by Kendra Keller, Western Edge Youth Arts