• Caliban at the Malthouse – Rave Reviews!

    The Edge Ensemble’s latest piece, Caliban, recently completed a season at the Coopers Malthouse in Southbank, to huge audiences and rave reviews.

    Over 450 people saw the show, and it was brilliantly received by audiences and critics alike.

    Here’s what the critics had to say:

    – ★ ★ ★ ★ Andrea Simpson ArtsHub

    “The story is fast paced, with the rhythm of a beating heart – the dialogue is layered with poetry giving extra depth to the message…”

    “They say that youth is wasted on the young. In this case they were stupendously wrong… the Edge Ensemble’s youth does not mean they lack embodied experience…”

    “Caliban’s themes parallel the cast’s diversity and the stories they all share… And who better to express the ongoing disaster that awaits the world than the people that have inherited it? It is this generation that have seen the world’s disasters unfold and finally they have a voice…”

    – ★ ★ ★ ★ Theatrepeople

    “Western Edge Youth Arts have done and continue to do remarkable work but the real accolades go to the Edge Ensemble for a clever thought-evoking message.”

    “an adaptation that wreaks perfect havoc on its source text, layering the urgency of climate change into its plot and characters.”

    Leeor Adar Theatre Press

    “Caliban tackles big ideas with humour and poignancy. This is a remarkable and highly physical performance… The performers are excellent, emotive, funny and totally humane…spirited, vibrant and painfully accurate” –

    Suzanne Sando Stage Whispers

    “Caliban is pertinent worthwhile theatre presented by a great group of very skilled young people who do a marvelous job of getting a multi-layered message across…”

    “The mix of cultures represented in the work is heartening and satisfying. And the number of cultures represented in the audience was truly something marvelous to behold. Go Western Edge!”

    And here are some comments from young people in our audience:

    “I liked everything about the climate change and how it is important to always go home. There is nothing like home.”

    “I loved being informed in an interesting way about stats on climate change, racism, a real awakening! I had tears & laughter & multiple goose bump moments.”

    “The actors were phenomenal, especially for their age; the text was wonderfully unsimplistic and multi-faceted”

    “The diversity & range of stories told – it’s rare to get that experience in the theatre these days”

    Following the success of this debut season, the Edge Ensemble will be touring Caliban in May 2018. For more information and tour enquiries, contact Sally Farr on (03) 9091 4725