• Dystopian Dreams – A Teacher Learning Case Study

    We were very proud of the partnership we developed with Hume Anglican College this year to create Days of the Last Dolls.

    Four Western Edge Youth Arts artists working in several disciplines: dance, drama, visual art and media art, collaborated with the Hume Anglican teaching staff and year 9s to create an interactive, installation work successfully integrated with many areas of the school curriculum.

    Creative Victoria created this film resource, based on our partnership, for future teacher/artist collaborations. In the film the teachers from Hume Anglican Grammar speak about what they got out of the residency professionally and Dave Kelman from Western Edge Youth Arts talks about his role in supporting that learning.

    “The teachers engaged in two full professional learning days in the project. Not only was it an excellent way for the artists and teachers to meet but it paved the way for discussions on shaping the program to suit the students.”

    -Beverley, teacher, Hume Anglican College.